Thursday, December 8, 2011

unlucky day

Went to JB for cheap petrol and groceries , as usual, but omigod, only to find out that my
motorcycle ignition get sabotaged by a bastard...who apparently trying to steal my bike, but somehow did not do so.. got to fork our rm65 for a new ignition... ~$~ fine.

it didn't end. was driving to work as usual..smooth drive on the highway....upon parking my bike, only to find out that my house/room key got detached from the bunch of keys, most likely dropped somewhere in the middle of the highway, only God knows. luckily my landlord has a spare one for me. = )
no it didn't end. today's shift is a 'bleeding' day for me..
1st, head injury, GCS 15 still, fine, CT brain 1st.......

2nd pt, PR:melaena, BP low, Hb 5 +, crap... GenSurg come...fine...admit GS

3rd pt, melaena, tachycardia, BP - ok. GenSurg reg come and did PR: brown. then told me: Bro, where got melaena?
(shot, it was black jn!) so i repeat PR in front of the reg...PR: fresh malaena
showed the nasty malaenic stained glove to the reg...reg diam diam....fine..admit GS =D ahaha
lesson: must dig deep deep and DEEP enough.

then, CT brain of 1st pt came back, omigod. bleed it's brain. NeuroSurg, no issues.

ok, it ends. finally.

erm....not pt..microscopic hematuria...hahah, a bleed still, no?
unlucky day.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


at I've done in Singapore, for the past 1 year:

1. lost my luggage from my connecting flight from sibu to kuching. but luggage safety arrived at the doorstep in singapore. still can't forget the very unfriendly staff of MAS airlines in Kuching airport.

2. Thanks to my friend, Jeffrey, he helped me a lot when I 1st arrived in Singapore.

3. 1st posting in NUH Obstetric and Gynaecology. Tired of seeing vagina. Stressful to work under woman's environment and all the Profs. Can finally perform a good and accurate vaginal examination. Deliveries and stitching are fun, but not during calls.

4. get posted to KTPH later, one hour away by MRT. Time to move. lucky enough to get a room nearby, three minutes walking distance. =)

5. General surgery in KTPH. overall, I enjoyed it. Good and helpful colleagues and seniors. nice working environment. Rewarding!

6. herecomes the TV and PS3, companion in boring room.

7. went to vietnam ( saigon ) for short trip. lovely place. very tourist friendly place.

8. Get posted to TTSH internal medicine. 40 minutes away. Got myself a sportbike instead of moving again. Save me the hassle of taking bus/mrt since then. =)
Bike almost got stolen in Singapore. yes, in Singapore, crimeless city. Get caught red-handed though. But wasted some $ to replace my ignition switch.
also, regular JB visitor since then, almost once/week. reason: currency of SGD 1 to rm 2.44 =D

9. IM in TTSH. never like it since the 1st day. details and picky. correcting all the tiny mini thing. nevertheless, did improved my medical knowledge because of that, even without touching my book since 1st day. Counting days for the end of it.

10. another runaway vacation to BAli. wonderful beach. self-riding on motorcycle is fun/challenging/unforgettable! but lots of tourist trap.

11. 1 year gone, the end of my housemanship. Medical officer in emergency department in 6 weeks time. No more slavery-like on calls. Great. I love my job, except the calls.

Time to rest

I've not been writing since I started my HO-ship, caught up in busy life.
A year has gone, marking the end of my housemanship.
When everyone is starting their MO-ship in less than 3 weeks,
I take additional one month leave instead.

I need a rest.

and I'm going Home tomorrow. = )

Sunday, January 16, 2011

new toy

got myself new toys: a bedfordflex, a zuiko 25mm pancake and a wide angle lens+macro~ =D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

last day in NUH , =D +D

4+ months without any update. . and
I'm back , finally.
today is my last day in National university hospital Ob Gyn department... =D
kinda memorable posting here...not really performing well, i think, but passable, of course.
seen all sorts of woman's disease here, delivered enough babies.. enough VE done =(, smelt more than enough liquor =( ... now it's time for me to see some Male patients...
Gonna do my surgery starting from tomorrow, hope I can adapt well and do well there, in Khoo Teck Phuat hsptl. God bless. =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

WOrk HarDer! !

2nd week of working, but strictly speaking, it's only my 5th day, as I went for a 2-day course during my 1st week.
Starting to get familiar with the work flow, but still hardly keep up the fast pace during peak hour.
really need to catch up, esp when doing round with my Indian registrar - I can hardly understand her high speed English in Indian slang.. God bless me.

Monday, July 5, 2010

settling down

Finally, I settle down in Singapore.

1st day in Singapore was a really bad experience as the Malaysian airline lost my luggage. One of the airlines staff wasn't friendly in handling my case, yet they are promoting MH(malaysian hospitality). But thank God, it was found within 24 hour and being sent to my house safely. Thanks to the prompt action taken anyway.

Otherwise, I was actually blessed. Thanks so much especially for JEFFREY, he is doing me great flavor in Singapore. Another blessed thing is that, I actually got myself a cheap and strategic place to stay right on the day I know my posting. =)

Hopefully I will be doing well in here.