Thursday, December 8, 2011

unlucky day

Went to JB for cheap petrol and groceries , as usual, but omigod, only to find out that my
motorcycle ignition get sabotaged by a bastard...who apparently trying to steal my bike, but somehow did not do so.. got to fork our rm65 for a new ignition... ~$~ fine.

it didn't end. was driving to work as usual..smooth drive on the highway....upon parking my bike, only to find out that my house/room key got detached from the bunch of keys, most likely dropped somewhere in the middle of the highway, only God knows. luckily my landlord has a spare one for me. = )
no it didn't end. today's shift is a 'bleeding' day for me..
1st, head injury, GCS 15 still, fine, CT brain 1st.......

2nd pt, PR:melaena, BP low, Hb 5 +, crap... GenSurg come...fine...admit GS

3rd pt, melaena, tachycardia, BP - ok. GenSurg reg come and did PR: brown. then told me: Bro, where got melaena?
(shot, it was black jn!) so i repeat PR in front of the reg...PR: fresh malaena
showed the nasty malaenic stained glove to the reg...reg diam diam....fine..admit GS =D ahaha
lesson: must dig deep deep and DEEP enough.

then, CT brain of 1st pt came back, omigod. bleed it's brain. NeuroSurg, no issues.

ok, it ends. finally.

erm....not pt..microscopic hematuria...hahah, a bleed still, no?
unlucky day.